WSF 2024 NepalCall
WSF 2024 NepalCall

A call from

World Social Forum 2024 Nepal Organizing Committee

15-19 February 2024, Kathmandu Nepal


Dear Esteemed Colleagues and Friends,

Warm greetings from Kathmandu on behalf of the World Social Forum (WSF) 2024 Nepal Organizing Committee!

We are pleased to inform you that the World Social Forum 2024 (WSF2024) is scheduled to take place from February 15-19 in Nepal. The WSF serves as an open space and platform for the convergence of a diverse range of participants, including social movements, laborers, farmers, civil society groups, marginalized communities, and those affected by the impacts of neoliberal capitalism and privatization. The WSF’s purpose is to create reflective thinking, democratic debate of ideas, formulation of proposals, free exchange of experiences and interlinking for effective actions. Originating in 2001 with the vision of "Another World is Possible," the 2024 edition is themed around the call for "Another World Now."

The proliferation and dominance of neo-liberal capitalism have led to extreme inequality, displacement, warfare, climate-related catastrophes, loss of livelihoods, diminished opportunities, and widespread poverty. Presently, the world is marked by a concentration of wealth and power in the hands of a select few aggravated by the additional impact of the pandemic, which has further stripped individuals of their identity and dignity within the framework of neo-liberal capitalism. Humanity stands at a critical crossroads as global warming and geopolitical tensions threaten the future of mankind.. 

Conversely, however, numerous resistance movements are emerging worldwide, including various social and alternative movements aiming to challenge the dominant hegemonic forces. Consequently, people are demanding a more equitable and sustainable world in which to reside.

Over the last five decades, Nepal has undergone democratization and significant political and social transformations. In 2015, Nepal enacted a new constitution that guarantees civic freedoms and envisions an economic and political system oriented towards socialism and inclusivity in governance processes. Therefore there is a favorable context for having global forums and events in Nepal. 

Hence on the occasion of this event, we invite all social movements, civil society organizations, and individuals from across the globe to take part in the WSF process and convene both physically and online in Kathmandu, Nepal bringing their energy, experiences, knowledge, and strategies to envision an alternative world characterized by a justifiable political, economic, social, and cultural system. We must ensure that everyone on this planet can live with dignity. Self-organized efforts to develop online participation in panel activities, forums,  assemblies, and convergences are welcome and taken into account in the Internet infrastructure.

The Nepalese civil society is working on preparatory activities for this momentous event through local meetings and extensive outreach efforts over the past months. Collaborating closely with the Asia Pacific Social Forum- Facilitation Committee (APSF-FC) and the International Council (WSF-IC), the Nepal Organizing Committee (NOC) has been diligently advancing the planning process for WSF2024 in Nepal. Moreover, across the continents and regions, consultations and deliberations are underway.  

Following the approval from the IC in March 2023, the NOC has orchestrated a series of planning initiatives and consultations at various levels. These have involved local Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), social movements, and regional APSF-FC partners, along with global interactions with the IC. Our arrangements are solidifying, including the confirmed venues for the WSF and Opening Ceremony on February 15th, thematic panels in the morning, and assemblies and parallel activity sessions for the latter parts of the day from February 16th to 18th. 

The first 3 days (16-18 Feb) will be focused on info-sharing, networking, intercommunication, and alliance-building. This is done through 1)Thematic panels, forums and assemblies  prepared in an inclusive manner held in 3 days in 4 or 5 large venues (to participate in this process, join here and select the thematic spaces you want to be present in),  2) One-shot self-organized activities (about 100 in parallel) three times per day, with the space available for self-organized assemblies, forums and convergences in sequences of 3 activities in the same room after the morning, and use of big halls and rooms by the bigger coalitions of organizations. 

The last day 19th February will be focused on convergence, alliance building, and interactions between participants about post-event perspectives through “square of statements” developing interactions in contact tables and in informal meetings around decisions/statements by the participants, announced on the website. 

"Engagement of youth" in the WSF  is of paramount importance and youth participation is ensured through proposing age-related criteria for organizers and ensuring the space available for youth speakers in activities/assemblies.  The Intercontinental Youth Forum (IYF) will be held on 17th February as a concurrent activity.

Please access the WSF 2024 Website for more information:  

Progress is also underway in logistics and other critical preparations. Our focus remains on securing engaging speakers for the opening, and thematic panels representing a diversity of societal struggles that can draw public attention to pressing social issues for the opening, and the thematic panels, assemblies, and closing ceremonies. Additionally, we are in the process of seeking support for resource mobilization from like-minded organizations.

The National Organizing Committee now appeals to individuals and organizations for your support in terms of the global mobilization of WSF 2024 toward Nepal. We invite all social movements and civil society entities that resonate with the WSF's principles to actively engage, collaborate, and support the WSF2024 journey.

WSF2024 Nepal Organizing Committee invites you to:

1)  Register your organization as a participant at
     It will be made visible on          

2)  Contribute with the 25 USD (3300 NPR) organization participation fee, that helps us sustain the organizing effort 

3)  Announce an activity through your "dashboard" (select an activity on left and create on right, describe and submit). It       will be made publicly visible at:  Participants can express, as of now, their interest       in the activities proposed (button “participate” on each activity proposed). This is fostering early intercommunications         for a better preparation of WSF2024.

We kindly invite you to share this communication with your networks to help disseminate the Nepal Organizing Committee's call and contribute to the resounding success of WSF 2024.


 In solidarity,


World Social Forum 2024 Nepal Organizing Committee, Kathmandu Nepal

WhatsApp: + 9779761887454


20 September 2023, Kathmandu, Nepal

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