1. World Social Forum 2024 (WSF2024Nepal)

    We, the people of the planet, are currently facing an unprecedented environmental crisis coupled with rising inequality, widespread food insecurities, majoritarian violence, after effects of the last pandemic and the threat of a future one, and escalating tensions between major powers. In fact, humanity is on the brink of multi-faceted calamities leading to the destruction of its own survival. Given the threat is real and urgent, the ideals of the new world order that rests upon sustainability, dignity, co- existence, equality, and equity must be enacted and actualized. With the pledge of ‘Another world is possible’ the World Social Forum (WSF) emerges as a beacon of hope, more essential than ever before.

    Despite the adversities, we believe that change for a just world is possible. The World Social Forum (WSF) will discuss the means of changes in Kathmandu, Nepal in February 2024. We invite people around the globe to take part in the World Social Forum. You can join us either in-person or via online mediums. Your participation will certainly enhance the discourses that will result in a more equal, equitable and sustainable society. Join us in Kathmandu, Nepal, and let's work to achieve a fairer world. Another world is within our reach.

    Two decades ago, the world witnessed massive mobilizations against the destructive impacts of neo-liberal globalization, leading to a vital conversation about alternatives to this prevailing development model. The first WSF was held in Porto Alegre in Brazil in 2001 and served as a space for diverse social movements, community campaigns, trade unions, youth organizations, academia, and others to congregate and collaborate.

    Today our world has transformed significantly as globalization, formerly championed by the West, gives way to trade conflicts and military confrontations. The skyrocketing cost of living has made life increasingly challenging for many, while a privileged few continue to amass their wealth at the expense of others, capitalizing on global health and financial crises. Corporate power, short-term state interests and right-wing majoritarian forces are employing all means possible to undermine democratic participation and the well-being of our societies and the globe at large. We are facing severe challenges of Environmental Degradation and Climate Change that cause food shortage catastrophes.

    Nevertheless, amidst such plight, a spirit of resistance and an unwavering pursuit of solutions persists. Counter movements aiming to create a better way of life, rooted in justice and equity, are ongoing worldwide. The WSF

    has become a crucial platform to nurture such resistance and constructive ideas. It stands as an open space, facilitating the exchange of thoughts and experiences, enabling self-organized assemblies to strategize and make impactful decisions.

    The WSF is a space and process to develop the collective power of people's movements and civil society organizations across the globe, uniting against neoliberalism, climate injustice, patriarchy, casteism, racism, queerphobia, xenophobia and wars.

    Together with a belief that another world is possible and necessary, we must fight through a mesh of alliances for justice, peace, equity, and the protection of nature and our planet.

    Nepal, a country in South Asia, is hosting WSF2024 in the city of Kathmandu. The political system of Nepal follows a federal parliamentary republic model. With a rich tapestry of cultural, religious, linguistic, and ethnic diversity, Nepal proudly stands as a democratic nation with a constitutional commitment to socialism. The constitution of Nepal has guaranteed democratic spaces and human rights, milestones achieved through the existence of a strong people's movement in Nepal.

    The WSF's charter of principles governs the entire process of the forum. The facilitating bodies are the International Council (IC), Regional Forums such as the Asia Pacific Social Forum-Facilitation Committee (APSF-FC), and the Nepal Organizing Committee (NOC). After APSF events in 2022 and a meeting in Nepal in early 2023, the International Council decided to hold the 16th assembly of the WSF in the city of Kathmandu, Nepal on February 15th-19th 2024, with various associated events such as an Intercontinental Youth Forum (to be held on 17th February) and a Parliamentary Forum among others.

    Structure of WSF2024 Organising Process

    Linking to the world-scale WSF and APSF regional processes facilitated by the International Council and the Asia Pacific Social Forum respectively- the Facilitation Committee, Nepal General Council, Nepal Organising Committee, and Sub-Committees have been formed. There are various Sub-Committees clustered under i. Resources and Mobilization, ii. Program, Logistics and Liaisons, iii. Research, Documentation and Communication iv.Volunteer Culture, Health and Safety, working under the NOC for preparatory activities.

    Proposed Themes and Program Details

    Proposed Themes

    The following umbrella themes are proposed when registering self- organized activities and assemblies in the WSF2024. The program of activities and assemblies can be sorted by theme for easier consultation, while the topic and title of the activity are autonomously defined as per the interest of the various organizing entities.

  2. 1. Economic Inequality and Economic Justice
  3. 2. Labour, Migration, Forced Labour, Slavery and Trafficking
  4. 3. Caste, Discrimination based on Work and Descent (DWD), Race, Ethnicity, Indigenous people, Untouchability, Xenophobia, and all forms of Discrimination
  5. 4. Gender, Sexuality and Identities, and Gender-based violence
  6. 5. Land, Agriculture, Agro-ecology, Food Sovereignty, Energy and Natural Resources
  7. 6. Peace, Conflict, War, Occupations, Displacements, and Security
  8. 7. Education, Art and Culture
  9. 8. Communication, Social Networks and Media (Digital Equality)
  10. 9. Democracy, Human Rights, Authoritarianism, Law and Justice
  11. 10.Health, Social Protection and Equity
  12. 11.Climate Justice, Ecology, Just Transitions, Habitat, and Sustainable Development
  13. 12.Women, Children, Youth, Adolescents, Aging people and Persons with Disabilities Social Movements, Civic Space and the Future of the World Social Forum
  14. 13.Social Movements, Civic Space and the Future of the World Social Forum
  15. Themes are presented here:
  16. Movements and organizations registered on WSF2024 website are


invited to join the thematic spaces (through this link and contribute to preparing the thematic panels.

These contacts in various thematic spaces are an occasion to cooperate with other organizations and prepare some self-organized decision- making assemblies in the afternoons in parallel with other self-organized activities (refer to the program schedule).

Proposed Programs

The WSF will take place from the 15th to the 19th of February 2024, in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. The opening ceremony of WSF2024 Nepal will take place on the 15th of February in Khula Manch, Kathmandu. The Thematic panels and all the other self-organized activities will be held on 16th-18th February 2024. An Intercontinental Youth Forum will be organized on 17th February 2024 in Kathmandu. The days will start with several thematic panels followed by self-organized activities/sessions/assemblies (approx. 300 activities/sessions each day are expected) and end with informal meetings in open spaces and cultural programs. There will be around 900-1000 self-organized activities and assemblies throughout the WSF2024 event. While Bhrikutimandap will be the main venue of the assemblies, in every shift at least 100 activities/ sessions will be held in multiple locations nearby and within walking distance in collaboration with academic institutions namely; Ratna Rajya Campus, Nepal Law Campus, Balmiki Campus, Vishwo Bhasha Campus, Shankerdev Campus. Padma Kanya Campus and Padmodaya High School.


Program Schedule of WSF2024

15th Feb. 2024

Opening of WSF2024

11:00-12:30: Solidarity March

13:30-16:00: Opening ceremony; panel of international speakers 16:00-18:00: Cultural Program

16th -18th Feb. 2024

Thematic panels/activities

9:00-11:00: 4-5 thematic panels per day (*1)

11:30-13:00: Parallel Sessions/Activities (Self-organized)(*2) 13:00-14:00: Lunch

14:00-15:30: Parallel Sessions/Activities/ (Self-organized)(*2) 16:00-17:30: Parallel Sessions/Activities/ (Self-organized)(*2) 16:30 Onwards: Public Cultural Performances

Forums and Assemblies (Self-organized) (*3)

09:30-13:30: Convergence of Assemblies and Movements, Square of statements- booths/tables are provided in big halls, for participants to make contact there with movements and organizations sharing statements outcoming from the panels, activities, and assemblies in the previous three days. Simultaneously Cafes and Chautaris are set up outside in the open for informal meetings in relation with those statements and contacts (or not).

13:30- 14:30: Lunch

14:30-16:30: at the same venue: Closing Ceremony (*4) and Cultural Program

WSF2024 Associated Events

9:00-17:00: 14th Feb. 2024 Parliamentary Forum

9:00-17:00: 17th Feb. 2024 Intercontinental Youth Forum Others to

(*1) The thematic spaces

to prepare thematic panels are accessible through,

(*2) Accessing bigger spaces like halls will depend on having a certain number of co-organizers of the particular activity/assembly

(*3) Spaces are available for forums and assemblies on 16th -18th February 2024 from 11:30 onwards. Possibility to register for consecutive sessions, so as to have the same physical space for the duration of those sessions e.g. for an assembly.

Register now for early mutual visibility in WSF2024

WSF2024 Nepal Organizing committee invites you to:

Register your organization as a participant at It will be made visible on Contribute with the 25 USD 3300 NPR participation fee, which helps us sustain the organizing effort (mandatory for the organizations). Announce an activity through your "dashboard" (select the activity menu on the left and create a button on the right, describe and submit). It will be made publicly visible at: Individuals interested to participate, can currently express their intent in the activities proposed (button “participate” on each activity proposed). This is fostering early intercommunications for a better preparation of WSF2024NEPAL.

Let us come together to build another world !


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