2024-02-17 00:00:00
09:00AM – 11:30 AM (Nepali Time)
Organizer : HomeNet Nepal (HNN)
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Assembly on Universal Social Protection

HomeNet Nepal  AMRC, AROSP,, NCWR, SPCSN, INSPIR, PSI, ASEC, JCYCN, HomeNet Pakistan and INHE, will jointly organize  Assemb;y on ' Towards Uniiversal Social Protection  Series of  from 9:00 to 11:00, 11:30  to 1:00, 2:00 to 3:30 and 3:45 to 5:30 pm starting with  seris of workshops on Universal Social Protection, Maternity Protection in Asia,  Gender Equality and on Impact of Privatisation in the Public Services respectively. Apart from the above mentioned co-organizers, the series of workshops will be participated by more than 45 organisations from all over the world physically and through hybride method.  namely; JTUCC, GEFONT, NTUC, ANTUF, WWPU, WOFOWON, FEDO, NIWF, NCE Nepal, CWIN, CWISH, SMGF, RPF, Child Safe Net and many more.  


2024-02-17 00:00:00
11:30AM – 13:00 PM Nepali Time
Organizer : Asia Monitor Resource Centre - AMRC
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Maternity Protection for Agri-food sector's workers in Asia

BACKGROUND: The Asia RoundTable on Social Protection (AROSP)  have successfully completed an Action research on  Maternity Protection  in the Asia Agri-Food sector, involving AROSP members in 11 countries in South Asia (Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India and Sri Lanka) and Southeast Asia (Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam).  Launching the research report under the theme of "Health, Social Protection, and Equity" during the World Social Forum 2024 held in Kathmandu from 15th to 19th February, 2024 will be an opportunity for AROSP to expand the network, bring more organization to its campaign and promote AROSP throughout the world. 

OBJECTIVES: i) Sharing the findings and recommendations of the Action research on  Maternity Protection  in the Asia Agri-Food sector; ii) Promoting workers voice and improved knowledge on the issue especially to the grassroots workers organizations’ leaders; iii) Building further solidarity, collaboration, and networking toward ensuring maternity rights as universal social protection of women especially those engaged in the agri-food sector.



Dr. Supriti Bezbaruah (UK) - gender specialist 

Surendra Pratap (Center for Workers Education CWE-India

Dr. Stephen Kidd, (Development Pathways UK)

Ume Laila Azher, HomeNet Pakistan


Chandra Firmantoko (ASEC) 

Primar Jardeleza (HNPhil) 

Ramila Chaulagain (PSI Nepal) 

Krishna Prasad Adhikari (SSFNepal)

 SEWA (tbc)


Van Thi Thu Ha, (AMRC); 

Sabreen AbeedAllah (PMRS)

2024-02-16 00:00:00
14:00PM – 15:30 PM Nepali Time
Organizer : StoryCycle
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Exploring Creative Green Economy: A Path to Sustainable Development

The session aims to foster an engaging and interactive discussion on the innovative approaches and strategies within the Creative Green Economy framework. By bringing together experts, thought leaders, and practitioners dedicated to sustainability and creative economies, we seek to explore how these initiatives contribute to sustainable development, address environmental challenges, and foster inclusive and equitable growth.

Session Format: Unconference

In an "Unconference" format, the session is participant-driven rather than speaker-driven. Unlike traditional conferences where speakers deliver prepared presentations, an Unconference encourages active participation and collaboration among all attendees. The agenda is flexible and evolves based on the interests and contributions of the participants. Attendees have the freedom to propose discussion topics, form smaller discussion groups, and engage in spontaneous conversations. This format fosters a more organic and interactive exchange of ideas, allowing for diverse perspectives to emerge and for deeper exploration of key issues. Ultimately, the Unconference format empowers participants to shape the direction and outcomes of the session collaboratively.


Our collaborative efforts in promoting the "In Our Hands (IOH)" campaign, centered around the idea of Creative Green Economy. This initiative is a joint endeavor involving key partners such as the British Council, Nepal Kathmandu University, Edinburgh Napier University, Applied Arts Scotland, Nepal Art Village, and Story Cycle.

2024-02-17 00:00:00
14:00PM – 15:30 PM Nepali Time
Organizer : ChildSafeNet
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Safer Internet Day - Protection of Children in the Digital Age
In this digital age, the information and communication technology sector is advancing tremendously. Along with the fast progress, this revolution brings with it numerous adversities and dangers. Children and young people are heavy users of the technology.  Unsafe use of digital technology exposes them to serious harm, such as online sexual abuse & exploitation, cyberbullying, phishing and sextortion. Such harms affect children's mental and cognitive development, humiliate and lower their self-esteem. Children, young people, parents, teachers and governments need to take cyber safety seriously and fulfil their responsibilities in making the internet a safer place.
The session, "Protection of Children in the Digital Age", aims to generate support from the duty-bearers to make the internet safer for children and young people.
Since cyber safety is an issue relevant to all internet users, we all have responsibilities to make the internet safer for our children and young people.
Let us work Together for a Better Internet.
ChildSafeNet is a non-governmental organisation, established with a mission to make digital technologies safer for children and young people. ChildSafeNet works to raise awareness on safer use of the internet and digital technologies to protect children and young people from internet addiction, online sexual abuse and exploitation, cyber-bullying, phishing, gaming addiction, and to promote digital literacy.