11:30AM – 13:00 PM Nepali Time
Nepal Law Campus, Exhibition Road, Kathmandu, Nepal
Nepal Law Campus, Block C, Ground Floor, Room 3, Kathmandu, Nepal
Charter of Inclusive Communities: Navigating Minorities’ Discrimination and Crafting a Vision for Global Peace


Discrimination based on religious, ethnic, or caste differences continues to be a pervasive challenge across the globe, impacting the lives of minorities and hindering the attainment of global peace. The need for inclusive communities that respect and celebrate diversity is paramount. The South Asia Research Institute for Minorities (SARIM) recognizes the urgency of addressing these issues and believes that an international seminar is a crucial step toward fostering understanding, dialogue, and collaboration.


Significance of Topic:

The seminar on the "Charter of Inclusive Communities" aims to envision the significance of inclusivity and mitigating casteism and religious and ethnic discrimination. It provides a platform for scholars, activists, policymakers, and organizations to come together, share insights, and strategize on navigating the complexities of minorities' marginalization based on caste, ethnicity, and religion. By crafting a vision for global peace through inclusivity, the seminar aims to contribute to the creation of societies that embrace diversity and reject exclusion.


Aims and Objectives of the Webinar

The aim of this event is to achieve the following goals:

  • Facilitate Dialogue: Create a space for open and constructive dialogue among diverse stakeholders, including scholars, activists, policymakers, and community leaders, to explore the nuances of discrimination against minorities.


  • Share Insights and Best Practices: Provide a platform for exceptional minds to share research findings, personal experiences, and successful strategies in addressing marginalization, fostering understanding, and promoting inclusive communities.


  • Draft a Charter of Inclusive Communities: Initiate discussions and collaborations towards the development of a comprehensive charter that outlines principles and strategies for building inclusive communities globally.  


Crafting a 'Charter of Inclusive Communities’

The seminar will just be the beginning. We're on a mission to unite with influential contributors and organizations, pooling our expertise to create a groundbreaking 'Charter of Inclusive Communities.' This visionary document will be presented to global human rights and peace organizations, reshaping policies and practices worldwide. This collective initiative will be a driving force for a more inclusive world.


Sub-Themes of the Seminar

  • Educational Empowerment and Inclusivity
  • Women Empowerment
  • Media Representation and Its Influence on Minorities
  • Economic Inclusion and Entrepreneurship
  • Healthcare Disparities and Inclusivity
  • Cultural Preservation and Inclusivity
  • Inclusivity for People with Physical Challenges


This seminar seeks to create a collaborative platform where voices from diverse backgrounds converge to address the challenges of exclusion from mainstream domains faced by religious and ethnic minorities, fostering a vision for global peace rooted in inclusivity. Through this endeavor, we aim to contribute meaningfully to the ongoing discourse on human rights, diversity, and the pursuit of a more equitable world.


We invite scholars, activists, and organizations to join us in this important conversation and collectively work towards crafting a vision for a more inclusive and peaceful global community.

  • Venue
    Nepal Law Campus, Block C, Ground Floor, Room 3, Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Cultural activity
  • Duration
    90 Minutes
  • Get in touch
    WhatsApp: Contact Person - Rimsha Shahid
  • Modality
    physical and virtual
  • Language
  • Other Language
    Hindi, Nepali, Urdu
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Co Organizer
  • Name:
    Rastriya Dalit Network
  • Name:
    Dalit Janakalyan Yuba Club
  • Name:
    Asia Dalit Rights Forum (ADRF)
  • Name:
    Feminist Dalit Organization (FEDO)
  • Name:
    International Commission for Dalit Rights (ICDR)
  • Name:
    Dalit Women Network (DWN)
  • Name:
    Dalit NGO Federation Nepal (DNF)
  • Name:
    Madheshi Dalit NGO Federation (MDNF)
  • Name:
    WAYVE Foundation
  • Name:
    Forum Of Religious For Justices And Peace
  • Name:
    Dalit Human Rights Defenders Network
  • Caste, Discrimination Based on Work and Descent(DWD), Race, Ethnicity, Indigenous People, Untouchability, Xenophobia, and all forms of Discrimination
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