09:00AM – 11:30 AM (Nepali Time)
Exhibition Road ,Kathmandu
BAL-BLOCK B-Floor-1- Room(Big Hall)
THEMATIC SESSION IN WSF2024: Education, Culture & Arts as Essential Variables for Emancipation.

Under the light and shadows of past and present struggles for liberation, the World Social Forum 2024 value education, culture, and arts as the vehicle for emancipation. This thematic panel dives deep into how these mediums empower communities, ignite critical thoughts, and equip individuals to claim their rights and fight for them. Through lively discussions, debates and observations, we explore how education, stripped of its colonial shackles and market-driven agendas, can cultivate self-awareness and inspire resistance; Art, literature, and diverse cultures, often deemed as obstacles to one dimensional economic efficiency, stand defiant against forces of homogenization and commodification. These vibrant expressions remind us of our heritage, ignite imagination, and provide platforms for dissence. We recognize the dangers of perversive reductionist approaches that compartmentalize these domains to fuel fundamentalism, ethnocentrism, and the agendas of oppressive regimes. As the states struggle to retain their role as the protectors of the weaker sections of the society, we recognize that its not just a service but a fundamental human right where learning is inherent character of human beings.

Yet, amidst these challenges, shoots of hope pierce through. From popular theatre movements to self-reliant pedagogies, communities worldwide rise to challenge colonial legacies, consumerism, and structural injustices. This panel welcomes people from all walks of life who theorize, practice, and promote alternative educational initiatives and artistic expressions that foster social and environmental justice. In a world where 21st-century market-imperialism fuels conflict and exploits the vulnerable and the nature, we must reimagine the roles of education, culture and arts. Together, we aspire to harness their transformative potential to build a more just and equitable future. Drawing lessons from, both state-supported and grassroots, we learn how to cultivate holistic awareness of local and global realities, empowering individuals and communities to navigate through the complexities of our interconnected world.

The faces of exploitation may have been blurred in this techno-savvy era, but our collective power remains intact. We unite across borders, fostering South-South and North-South solidarity through education, artistic expressions, and cultural exchanges. Songs, dances, movies, and diverse traditions become agencies for a new consciousness, one that celebrates our reverence of interconnection with fellow humans and the nature.

Join us as we explore the transformative power of education, culture, and arts in our shared pursuit of emancipation.

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    BAL-BLOCK B-Floor-1- Room(Big Hall)
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    150 Minutes
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    physical and virtual
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Co Organizer
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  • Name:
    Center for Educational Policies and Practices
  • Name:
    Reserva Huaravito
  • Name:
    Common Actions for Social Transformation
  • Education, Art and Culture
Outcomes & Follow ups

tes and open discussion online around the education culture and art as essential variable for emancipation.

Statement S190 presented in the square of Statement 19 February WSF2024 published in page of Activity.


We undersigned organizations, active in the field of education, culture, and art are considering ourselves participants in WSF.


We understand that social forums like the WSF are adequate space for interaction and communications among CSOs sharing certain values and goals in the WSF charter.


We are very interested to develop practices consisting of using virtual space and platforms for maintaining safe networks for debates and clear dissemination of information, where we can stay connected through proposing debatable issues, insights and activities and sharing them via online mediums.


In this respect, we support the preparation and holding of FOLLOW up thematic sessions on education culture and art.


There will be TWO-HOUR online session that would be organized around the middle of 2024, as a follow up after this physical thematic session held in WSF2024 on the 17th February.


This session would be organized by an inclusive group of CSOs all over that world, starting from the group that organized the first thematic session on the occasion of WSF 2024 event, reaching to those who registered as interested people on the SQS table.


The purpose of this session would be to continue the ongoing ideas, insights, observations and open discussions on the three pillars as mediums of emancipation.  

There will be a focus on the following:


  1. Constant follow ups and documentation of materials related to them.
  2. Proposing new self-organized activities focusing on topics and issues pertinent to the theme
  3. Developing an inclusive multinational body of CSOs to continue searching for the best alternatives pedagogies and methodologies to reach emancipation.


  • Organizer:

AFKAR Organization for Educational and Cultural Development

  • CO-organizers:
  • Path
  • Center for Education policies and Practices,
  • Common Actions for Social Transformation
  • Reserva Huaravito